Hasegawa Patent Law Firm

    Generally to say, when two goods have almost same function, consumer select finer designed good than another.    That's why a design patent protection is one of the strategies by which companies win their competitors produce or sell same kind of products as theirs.

    Japanese design law protects not only external shape and structure of tangible object but also fixed images or icons on the screen of electronic device.    The largest feature of design patent protection in Japan is to be able of filing many designs similar to an own basic design already or on same time filed to Japan Patent Office.    The feature means it would be highly possible to protect our client's products by producing a portfolio comprising many designs being similar each other.

    Design patent right is one of the exclusive rights for protecting industrial design made by one or more industrial designers belonging to companies or individuals, and a long-term right capable of keeping 20 years after being granted at longest.    Japanese design right can be granted by following flow.

From filing of a Japanese design application to being granted

    Our patent attorneys have experienced the filing and prosecution of design applications and preparations of expert opinions about validities of design rights.    In addition to domestic design right protection, we work with foreign associates worldwide to prosecute and obtain foreign design rights, oppose foreign design rights, and defend foreign design patent rights in opposition proceedings.

    It is our commitment to help clients.    It is both the quality of the thought and the quality of the service that we contribute that our clients feel is invaluable to their growth and success.

Our Services include

● Japan and international design patent prosecution
● Prior arts search for making invalid other design patents
● Expert opinions on infringement, validity, enforcement and freedom-to-operate
● Due diligence studies
● Administrative proceedings, including oppositions in other countries
● Licensing negotiations and drafting
● Support of litigation pertaining to design patent infringement and defense against infringement claims