Hasegawa Patent Law Firm

    Trademark is one of the exclusive rights for protecting brand equities of entities like companies, and a right capable of keeping for so long term.     In today's global, Internet-centric marketplace, the brand equities become more important than ever before.    Discriminatory trademark is one of keys that companies get successful by providing their consumers with fine goods and/or services.    Japan, one of the largest markets in the world has First-to-File system with regard to getting a trademark right.    So, it is important to file a trademark application as soon as possible.    Japanese trademark application can be granted by following flow.

From filing of a Japanese trademark application to being granted

    Hasegawa Patent Law firmhas the expertise and experience to create comprehensive trademark strategies that balance real-world needs with budget realities.    Our trademark practice includes the protection of marks, logos, color schemes, product packaging, and designs.    We file and prosecute trademark applications for registration in Japan.    In addition, we assist our clients to get registrations throughout the world by working with our foreign associates

Our Services include

● Japan and international trademark prosecution
● Search of prior filed trademark
● Expert opinions on infringement, validity, enforcement and freedom-to-operate
● Due diligence studies
● Administrative proceedings, including opposition
● Licensing negotiations and drafting
● Support of litigation pertaining to trademark infringement and defense against trademark infringement claims