Hasegawa Patent Law Firm

    Utility model right ("UM") protection is one of the strategies by which companies promote their business or by which universities or colleges continue their excellent scientific or technological research works as well as a patent protection.    Since the UM protection term is short, we recommend to protect short life cycle goods by the UM protection.

    UM is one of the exclusive rights for protecting scientific and/or technological subject matters made by one or more inventors belonging to companies, universities, colleges, national research institutes or individuals.    UM is a right for protecting the subject matter having its feature of shape, mechanical structure or combining with other part.    Accordingly, all of methods including methods for manufacturing are NOT protectable by UM.    UM is comparatively a shorter-term right than a patent and is capable of keeping 10 years after filing it at longest.    In addition, UM is granted for very short time, i.e. about 6 months after filing it without a substantive examination by Japan Patent Office.    Japanese UM can be granted by following flow.

1.  From entry of a PCT application into Japan national phase to being granted
2.  From filing of a Japanese Utility model application to being granted

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Our Services include

● Preparing and filing of Utility model applications
● Prior artssearch for making invalid other Utility model rights
● Expert opinions on infringement, validity, enforcement and freedom-to-operate
● Due diligence studies
● Licensing negotiations and drafting
● Support of litigation pertaining to utility model right infringement and defense against infringement claims